Wat Maak Nie Doot Nie Maak Vet

Here's a work from a while ago. Pretty raw documentation of the live show Wat Maak Nie Doot Nie Maak Vet (Afrikaans for what doesn't kill you makes you fatter). Produced within the Amsterdam Oude Kerk in winter 2014, this was one of my favorite pieces to work on. At the time I pretty much had no idea what I was doing, but the idea of changing the church with drawings was really exciting to me. Because the church door was too small, each frame had to be built out of four smaller frames and bolted together. Very special thanks to Melchior Zimmermann for helping me build everything. The show consists of Lukas-Varady Szabo, Pedro Matias, Masaki Komoto, Charline Tuma and myself. Adam Berman was on camera with Daniel Farr and Hans Muller on sound.