Rietveld TV Animation (with Anton Valense)

Here's a weeeeird hand drawn animation I did for Rietveld TV back in Summer 2016. After a few burnouts within Buro Rietveld and a good amount of rescheduling rescheduling, we were finally able to get this bad boy out on the Dutch TV channel AT5. I really wonder what people thought of this thing. At least my collaborator Anton Valense, who's lovely voice you hear throughout the video, was happy with my drawings and soundscapes. Special thanks to Timna Tomisa and Rick Haring for technical assistance on this one. Those two are some of the sweetest people out there. 

The whole animation is in Dutch, with unfortunately no subtitles, but this is the jist: Anton is commissioned to go and check out the 2015 Rietveld Academy graduation show, and is confronted with a confusing, melancholic mess. In the end he gets a book signed by the freshly graduated André Chapatte, which without him knowing, is a huge encouragement for the youngster.