The Contemporary Review, Episode 1: Composition VIII by Wassily Kandisky

Right. The blogging begins.

Time to inaugurate this baby straight to the point. I'm not going to humiliate myself with online blogging if I don't do it quick and painless. You see, I always hated posting things about myself online. It all sounds the same right? Some guy doing his self branding garbage in order to get those endorphine kicks from likes or views or add revenue or what the fuck ever. I've sat at my computer and just looked at my creation (post, whatever) without even anyone even acknowledging it in any way, and that was enough for me. Sitting and staring. Ugh. Some part of me would much rather be spending time on some bonker-ass forum roleplaying as a magical underdog with Swedish fetish dudes that are into pony play. Look it up it's amazing. 

All that being mentioned and out of the way, here's the first episode of my super weird TV-show. It's been something I've wanted to do for quite some time and now I've gotten to it. Two episodes are already up and I hope I'll find the strength in my soul to make more. (by the way YouTube is TV now if you haven't noticed already. Humanity just keeps making the same mistakes I know it's infuriating.)