R4PP4CC1N1′S D4UGH73R and the Private "Utopia"

Some time in 2017 I started a series of performances between gallery spaces and public spaces, which I ended up calling the "Utopia" series. At the time where this post goes up, the series will consist of three shows, performed in Brussels, Geneva and Helsinki. Here you can check out the version presented in Helsinki, where I struggle to get the Finnish audience to feel enough comfort to follow me up and down the street. The whole show was part of the opening event of R4PP4CC1N1’5 D4UGH73R, a group show curated by Jaakko Palusvuo and the Sorbus Gallery in Helsinki. A lot of the themes of Sci-Fi and transhumanism where part of the exhibitions theme, and this was my first attempt to take ideas and elements within a show and to bring them out into the street. 

Fun fact: at some point a man leaned out his window and shouted in Finnish "Who the fuck is that dude and why are you all following him!?"